You STILL mad, bro?

25 Jan

If you haven’t heard yet, Richard “You mad bro?” Sherman is a despicable, sub-human being. He’s monkey, meets ape, meets thug and had a baby with ignorant, cocky and terrorist. People were too eager to hurl slurs and epithets at him from behind the shield of the monitor lights. I  caught the interview – I watched the game with friends.  We replayed it about 20 times. It was h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s to us.  (Please don’t treat us anything close to the way Sherman was treated. Before you rush to call us ignant, uneducated thug-monkies, everyone present was college educated, 75% have advanced degrees, two teach at a college and one is writing a book. Also, I spelled ignorant that way on purpose).  For some reason it instantly made me think of the Tom Brady ‘You mad bro’ incident.  Before I went to bed, I tried to buy a Sherman shirt online. Then I woke up.

And it was mayhem! Everyone was out to crucify Sherman, and little of it had nothing to do with his post-game antics. It’s football. Isn’t trash talking the norm? I’m a track athlete, but I love football. There’s not much trash talking in track (my sport is other sports punishment. After punishment there’s not much left for trash talk), and there’s always someone trying to stir up a rivalry so there’d be trash talking. Be we don’t. We’re too tired, but in the NFL it’s rampant.  Just to be inducted into the pot calling the kettle black hall of fame – Tom Brady weighs in.

“I’ve watched him play. He’s that kind of guy. So, you know. I approach the game — and I have respect for my opponents. That’s the way our team always plays. We win with graciousness, and when we lose, we could do better. Some teams don’t always do that, or that’s not their program.” Excuse me?? Without even counting SPYGATE, here’s a few reasons Mr Brady should’ve said “no comment” and kept it moving.

1. This video of his wife after his 2012 loss.

2.  This picture. Not only because I LOVE it, but because of what precipitated it.  Apparently, Brady told Sherman and company “come see me after we win”. Sounds like trash talking to me. In a cruel twist of fate, they lost. RSTweet_original

3. Spygate.  Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t mention it, but seriously. Come on guy, you cheated.

4. Just last year, he karate kicked Ed Reed in the AFC championship game. I forget, did they win that one? Hmmmmm

5. There was also the 2007 playoffs when the Patriots player mocked the Chargers and danced on their logo after defeating them. I guess they were that kind of guys, and that was them showing respect for their opponents.

6. Because there’s a reason this keeps happening.

It takes a different mindset to crush your opponent in the field of play, then come back to earth and be your rational, humble self. Many times athletes aren’t given the opportunity to do that, we want to know as soon as it happens what’s going through their minds. And sometimes we hear it. Tom Brady should be able to relate to that, no? But he made his comments the next day. After he slept on it, had time to think about it, re-evaluate his actions and all that he’s done that was/is deemed unsportsmanlike. And still opened his mouth and called himself classy. Why are you still mad, bro?


One Response to “You STILL mad, bro?”

  1. Chaka January 25, 2014 at 9:45 AM #

    Track will always have Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad.

    This is Brett and that’s my dog!

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