The Writing Assignment – Four

26 Jun

By now, you should know why I’m making you read this.  If not, go to the last two posts.  For today’s prompt, we read Halibut by Etgar Keret. We had to write a story about two people arguing in a public place.  Something supernatural is introduced.  I had ten minutes, and ran out of time before I completed the story.  Here goes…

“I’m not a menace Auntie, don’t say that”.  I smile inwardly.  At three, he says menace.  “Taj, your teacher called me again.  She said you were rolling around on the floor when she’s trying to teach.” She waved the scantily clad waiter away. She didn’t want any bread, neither was she ready to order.  Taj blinked rapidly, near tears.  You can call him many things, nothing can illicit a response like menace though. If she hadn’t paid full price for his plane ticket, he’d be home with his parents.  

The waiter sashayed past them.  Why was he wearing speedos? Although it was indoors, Terminal 4 at JFK wasn’t that warm.  She looked at her watch, they had a full hour before they boarded the flight to Atlanta.  She wanted to make sure she makes her point before that.  She knew they’ll both be asleep for the whole flight.  And after she told you to stop, you got up and kept running around the table.”

Taj had been the perfect baby, he didn’t cry much, completely skipped the terrible-twos.  Or postponed it.  Saved it all up until he got into daycare.  “I was a good boy Auntie”, he sobbed.  The disappointment was making her thirsty.  She waved over the young muscular waiter.  “I’ll have a Spritzer.” She paused, looking at her nephew.  “And a belt for the young man!”.  Taj started.  He looked around, embarrassed.  “But Auntie…”. “That’s right! For your butt.  You want to act up in school, you’ll pay the price”.  He could not longer hold back his tears. “Auntie..please..”.  The waiter came back with the water.  Neatly rolled up on his tray, was a black belt with a snake’s head for a buckle.


Taj and Auntie, when he was a few months old.


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