The Writing Assigment

23 Jun

I recently went back to school. Kinda. I am taking an intense, rigorous summer seminar for writers.  I had my first assignment today – we had ten minutes to write a story.  I read mine aloud to the class.  No one threw anything at me, so I thought I’d share it here as well. Please don’t try to play me, it’s fiction. Here goes….


Last night I slept with his picture under my pillow.  Allison told me to do it.  She said if I put it out there, he’ll be mine.  Today, when he sits next to me, I’m going to casually ask him out.
I tried that one day last week and it was a mess.  I came to the class we had together.  I’d borrowed Allison’s shoes to make my outfit really pop.  They were half a size too big.  I tripped and fell into my seat.  THe shoes were fine but I almost broke my face.  I was so embarrassed, that was clearly not the right time to ask him.  
The next day we had class outside, and i sat next to him.  I asked Lisa to take a picture so I could pretend that we were together.  She left the flash on.  He saw it, and I heard him tell Jeris what a weirdo she was.  When she started walking towards me I got up and left.  I avoided her all day, I couldn’t let him see me talking to her.
Then there was the time I wrote him a note.  It was a simple, cute little note. It said, “Michael, I like you. Do you like me? Check Yes or No”. Clumsy Tiffany spilled her food just before he sat down.  Now all that was readable was “Michael like check”. When he asked tho wrote it and what it was supposed to say, I ignored him.
Now that i think about it, this is a terrible idea.  I’ve got a cup of cranberry juice in my hand.  I’m wearing a white t-shirt.  This won’t end well. I’m not going to do it.  He sits next to me, and looks at me, puzzled.  He started to say something then stops, takes a deep breath and says “Do you want to go out with me this weekend?”

One Response to “The Writing Assigment”

  1. Andre Marcano June 23, 2013 at 11:01 PM #

    lol lol…..hilarious yet awkward but great ending

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