..you know the feeling?

16 Aug

You ever have the feeling that you’ve been dying for a certain dish, say pepperpot, or your favorite sandwich. Just your favorite meal in general. The weekend gets here and you decide to treat yourself; you’re going to make your favorite meal from scratch.  You get all the fresh ingredients. You start from the beginning. You measure everything right, your timing is perfect.  The finished product will be so good it will make your soul happy.  You take our your best silverware and your good napkins.  You set the table to one very important person: YOU! You wash your hands, sit down, and say a prayer before your meal.  You close your eyes and savor the aroma. Then there’s an abrupt knock on the door. You’re so startled, you know you plate off the table, shattering it, and spilling all your food. You stare, aghast.  The knock again. Angered, you went to open it. You open it to find your three competitors (I mean friends) there to ruin your party. Ever had that feeling? lololol


One Response to “..you know the feeling?”

  1. Robert Hill June 23, 2013 at 11:04 PM #

    NO never had it.

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